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Some 3D routines that I have written

I have written 2 simple textured shading algorithms for displaying a sphere and a 3D triangle repectively. I have also written some 3D matrix routines.

Simple textured 3D shading routines

These old routines were written in 1994 on the Amiga in C. One routine renders a 3D sphere with a parallel projected texturemap. Another routine renders a 3D triangle with a parallel projected texturemap. Both routines uses only one lightsource at infinite distance. These routines are not very impressive and they are even slow...

3D Matrix routines

I wrote some 3D matrix routines in 1997 for Linux/X-Windows in Objective-C. I have used GNUStep/NSXKit to create a window for the output.

The routines consist of a fairly complete matrix object. I use it to generate a datastructure representing a 3D sphere and animate the sphere in realtime by doing scaling, rotation, translation and projection. The animation is displayed using lines as a wireframe display.

I have ported these routines to Standard ML (ML = MetaLanguage), to test the performance of Standard ML. You can see the results of my tests here. The ML port is available here.

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