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About the music that I write

I have been writing music for many years. I think it started about 1989 when I got my hands on some music software for the Amiga. My first music was written using Sonix on the Amiga. Today I use Bars & Pipes PRO on the Amiga, and an Alesis Quadrasynth synthezieser. I have got Level A music from the danish "Gymnasium", so I believe that my musicial foundation should be OK. I have not released any music in public yet, but I hope to be able to release a CD some day if I find the time and money that it will take to do it.

The music that I am inspired from is music in the styles of "Jean Michel Jarre", "William Orbit", "Deep Forest", "Enya", "Enigma", "Tangerine Dream", "Mike Oldfield" and others. My music is instrumental, and I generally try to be as creative as possible. I usually spend a lot of time on making good and melodic themes. I have written both symphonic music, a lot of more or less rythmic music in various styles as well as some wierd not-very-classifiable experiments. There's no downloadable demos here, becuase I would like to keep my work private - at least for now.

My brother Jesper B. Andersen is also a musician. He plays bass, guitar and sings in a band called Gastric Juice with 3 other guys.

- ÁNOQ of the Sun

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