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The GNUStep project

The GNUStep project is a free implementation of NeXT's OpenStep API. OpenStep is a crossplatform GUI-development API written in Objective-C.

The NSXKit project

The NSXKit is a project related to the GNUStep project but it falls outside of the official GNUStep project. It is a free implementation of the OpenStep API but it does not use PostScript. Instead it implements the OpenStep API in X-Windows by using XLib.

The NSXKit should now be rewritten to become NSXKit-backend, which will make it a backend for the official GNUStep frontend. I am not participating in this rewrite, as I have stopped working on the NSXKit project - at least for the moment.

Other people related to the NSXKit-project are: Pascal Forget and Stuart Croy

NSXKit snaphot

I have released a snapshot of the NSXKit. You can get it here: nsxkit-971119.tar.gz. To install it you just unpack the file and follow the instructions in the file INSTALL. Before you do this You will need the gstep-base-971102 snapshot from the GNUStep ressource page and my bugfixes to the NSAttributedString classes which can be found here: nsattributedstring-971119.tar.gz. Info on installing gstep-base is found in the gstep-base distribution files. When you have gstep-base up and running you will need to unpack the file nsattributedstring-971119.tar.gz. This will give you the files NSAttributedString.m, NSAttributedString.h, NSGAttributedString.m and NSGAttributedString.h. Then you have to replace these files in gstep-base-971102 and recompile/install gstep-base again. Now you should be ready to install the NSXKit-snapshot.

- ÁNOQ of the Sun

Modified: 1999-04-14