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Many people have asked me this question and here is the whole story:

Once upon a time in the early days of dawn a wizard named ÁNOQ lived. It was in the days of the roleplaying games and ÁNOQ was in fact a roleplaying character in a game called "Advanced Hero Quest". It was I and one of my friends called THAROS of the Ocean who played the roleplaying game in which ÁNOQ lived. I played the ÁNOQ character whose great adventures are still not forgotten. While playing the game I came to like the name ÁNOQ a lot and started to identify myself with the character and call myself ÁNOQ.

Now this all happened before yellow jeans came into faschion. As you can imagine a person wearing yellow jeans in this era would problably get a lot of comments from people. I experienced this as I bought a and started to wear a couple of the aforementioned jeans.

At this time THAROS of the Ocean started to call me ÁNOQ the Yellow. I found this very suitable since many of ÁNOQ's wizard collegues also had a name with an associated wizardcolor. Some of the wizard collegues to be mentioned are Radagast the Brown, Gandalf the Grey and Saruman the White.

Later I realized that yellow can also mean cowardly or dastardly in english. This is far from how you will experience both me and the wizard ÁNOQ. Therefore I decided to adopt the name ÁNOQ of the Sun instead because the sun at the sky in this era was yellow. Now today of course we know that this is not always true since both red and blue suns also exist in our universe. The name ÁNOQ of the Sun could be considered as not being intergalactic compatible but the truth is that the name ÁNOQ of the Sun covers more colors than you may realize at first and maybe even more colors than we know.

And now you may be wondering where the name THAROS of the Ocean comes from - but that's another story...

The roleplaying character ÁNOQ is still a live today on a piece of paper hidden somewhere in a secret place.

Based on a true story experienced by ÁNOQ of the Sun
Modified: 1999-04-14