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Amiga games that I have written

I have written one whole and two halve computergames on the Amiga computer. One of them is called "Space Survivor" which is a complete game. The second one doesn't have a title and has never been completed. The last one is called "Sim Space", which has never been completed either.

Space Survivor

This game was completed in 1993, if I remember correctly. The game should run on a standard Amiga500 with 1MB RAM.

It is based on the classical game called "Elite" which I used to play a lot. "Elite" is a game where you're a space trader flying from planet to planet. You make a living by trading goods and shooting pirate space ships.

The difference between space combats in "Space Survivor" and "Elite" is that "Space Survivor" contains a pseudo 3D world. This is just 2D sprites being moved as if they were in 3D space. "Elite" used vector graphics in the space combats.

The 3D movement in "Space Survivor" is not very good and the artificial intelligence is very lame too. Enemies that wants to escape when you chase them will just move away along both X, Y and Z axes, which makes it very hard to chase enemies. Also the universe is far from as complex as the one in "Elite". There are however a lot of very creative weapons in the game, which I believe was one of my main reasons for writing it ;) The sound effects are also quite impressive and creative for a 1993 game I should say.

Untitled platform game

I started writing this game in 1993, and the game is untitled, so this game is far from complete.

The game was inspired from a platformgame on the Amiga called "Gods" which I have played a lot. In "Gods" you are a heroic knight who has to free a town which the gods have taken over. A really cool thing in "Gods" is that you can get extremely many creative weapons at the same time and thus throw about 30 mixed graphics-gizmos per second! The graphics and the sound in "Gods" is just perfect... I didn't get much further with my game than to have a character walking around in a very "Gods"-looking environment. My idea back then was to make a game playable by 2 players - a warrior and a wizard.

Sim Space

This game is far from being a complete game, and I ceased development on the game in 1994, when I got a fulltime job and didn't have enough time to work on it. It runs on an Amiga1200 or better.

The game was supposed to become a 2 player pseudo 3D action game. The only complete parts of the game is the ability to fly around in space shooting asteroids. The pseudo 3D world in this game is much better than the one in "Space Survivor". It has rotating 3D rendered asteroids, which moves naturaly. This is due to the fact that the game was written after I learned some real 3D maths :)

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