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Entertainment index

These pages are dedicated to various kinds of entertainment. Currently there are 5 small games here. The games have been programmed by Hardcore Processing while sound and graphics was done by Virtual Effects & Fantasies.

All games uses Sam Lantiga's SDL library which can be downloaded at the bottom of this page - but you don't need to do that to play the games. The 3 oldest games (Billy The Kid, Leaf Invaders and The Sunkist Puzzle) are written in C++ and the 2 latest games (The Unlimited Game and ABC Expedition) are written in Standard ML using SDL::ML. Actually The Unlimited Game and ABC Expedition are the first two "real" computer games (i.e. with realtime sound and graphics) ever written in Standard ML :)

The games are mostly in danish, but they should be playable by non-danish people too. Also, the games are only available for Windows 95, 98, NT etc. except for Billy The Kid, which is also available for Linux (on x86 processors). They were all developed on Linux though and crosscompiled from Linux to Windows :)

ABC Expedition

ABC Expedition was made as a commercial for Nesquik chocolate powder and it was originally distributed along with the Nesquik packages available in Denmark. This game is not entirely stable because the deadline for the project was impossible to meet (3 days!). So, a few laws of nature had to be broken during the project - and that also broke the game.

Regarding the gameplay it should be noted that at the end of this game you have to assemble a sentence in danish. The two E's in the last word have to be ordered correctly in order to complete the game.

The Unlimited Game

The Unlimited Game is made as a commercial for Nescafé and it was originally distributed in local danish supermarkets such as 'Kvickly', 'Superbrugsen' and 'Fotex'.

The Sunkist Puzzle

The Sunkist Puzzle is made as a commercial for Sunkist and like The Unlimited Game it was originally distributed in local danish supermarkets.

Leaf Invaders

Leaf Invaders is made as a commercial for Leaf and it was originally distributed in local danish supermarkets such as 'Kvickly', 'Superbrugsen' and 'Føtex'.

Billy The Kid

Billy The Kid is made as a commercial for Knorr and the official download site is at Kokkeskolen. There are a few different versions of Billy The Kid:

Image Rectifier is also Fun

Although it is not a game, our latest product, Image Rectifier, may also be quite entertaining for rectifying images. For example, pictures of posters on a wall, a business card on a table or the facade of a building can be made upright and as if it is seen directly head on, despite having taken your photo in perspective.

SDL versions used

SDL which is used in the games above is 'Open Source' software distributed under the LGPL licence, which means that it has to be as easy to download as the games in which it is used. You don't need to download any of this to play the games. If you want to download this, then please also visit the SDL homepage and join the SDL mailing list there.

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