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We all want to do Rendering with RenderMan and we all want to code in Standard ML - and we want to do both at the same time! With RI::ML this is now possible. RI::ML is the RenderMan Interface in Standard ML and it also includes an implementation which generates RIB files.


It is all distributed under GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL). The distribution includes the Collections project which is distributed separately and documented on the Standard ML Code pages.

All the source code needed is available for download here:

Design Rationale

The intension of RI::ML is to make it the standard RenderMan Interface for Standard ML. So, the current distribution can be considered a draft proposal for standardization. Therefore I would really like to have feedback on this, both from people who know about functional programming in general, Standard ML, compilers, computer graphics in general, RenderMan, real time computer graphics or graphics hardware - or any body else for that matter.

There is a design rationale that you are encouraged to read. This design rationale is a available in the following different file formats:

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