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Hardcore Processing is a company doing both software development and production of 3D graphics. In general, only complex and challenging projects are in the interests of the company and currently the focus is on in-house projects. If you are looking for ad-hoc solutions, you are looking at the wrong company. The company is a one-man company owned by Ánoq of the Sun alias Johnny Andersen.

Software development

When developing software, Hardcore Processing is currently dedicated to developing 3D graphics software, image processing software, compilers, computergames and userinterface software - specifically the complex (core) softwaredesign and implementation parts of such projects and any necessary research to achieve it. In the future, the company will most likely also start developing audio manipulation / transformation software. It is always important to Hardcore Processing that all software developed here will run on as many different software / hardware platforms as possible.

3D graphics production

Production of 3D graphics is done by Hardcore Processing mainly using Maya, LightWave and 3D graphics software produced in-house. At the moment, the company only works on 3D graphics productions externally.

- Ánoq of the Sun

Modified: 2000-10-04