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Freeware index

The following freeware is currently available from Hardcore Processing:

RI::ML RenderMan Interface bindings for Standard ML and a RIB file generator.

ML::AbstractUI This is an abstract user interface (UI) API with a crossplatform implementation for SML'97.

The Construct This is a GUI builder for ML::AbstractUI - actually it's the first GUI builder ever written in Standard ML!

Standard ML Code Lots of general and reusable Standard ML projects.

SDL::ML Language bindings for Standard ML for Sam Lantiga's SDL (Simple DirectMedia Layer) library. Using this you can create realtime sound and bitmapgraphics in Standard ML.

MLton as a crosscompiler from Linux to Windows

Making MLKit crosscompile applications from Linux to Windows

WinMain A small library for linking into 'C'/'C++' programs. It will allow you to continue to use the funtion main as your main program function even if you are compiling to Windows, instead of having to use WinMain. This makes it easier to port applications to Windows from other OS'es.

CodeTransformer An application for parsing, manipulating and generating OMG IDL and 'C++' files. If you are implementing CORBA objects in 'C++' or even just writing plain 'C++' code, CodeTransformer can save you a lot of trivial typing. The application is written in SML'97 and is available under the GPL licence (not LGPL), both as sourcecode and as a binary distribution for 'Linux/x86'. I reserve the right to change the licence in future versions of the software.

W3C's Document Object Model (DOM) implemented in C++ This 'DOM' implementation can be used both with and without CORBA. The CORBA version is created for omniORB2.5 and has only been tested with omniORB. The implementaion has been successfully compiled on 'Linux', 'BeOS' and 'Solaris' when not using CORBA. It is available as 'C++' sourcecode under the LGPL (not GPL) licence.

A Small 3D Wireframe Demo This is written in SML'97 and was created to try out SML'97 for real life software development.

- Ánoq of the Sun

Modified: 2000-11-03